Friday, March 20, 2009

Fenton Art Glass

Over a year ago, I began collecting Fenton Art Glass. Fenton is one of only 3 companies started in the US (1905) that is still in production. I have bought them online from the company, at garage and estate sales, and on E-bay. To me they are works of art because of the beauty of the shapes, colors, and hand-painting. I purchased this vase online from the company recently. I liked the color (aubergine which is becoming a favorite), the hand-painted grapes, the shape (melon)and the fact it is signed by the artist and one of the owners of the company which adds to its value. Also, it was on sale, a benefit as I hope my collection will increase in value over the years. My collection also includes fairy lights, epergnes, perfume bottles, rose bowls, baskets, candlesticks, nappies, pitchers, animals, and compotes. On my dream list is to find some of the early carnival glass and other glassware at garage sales for bargain prices. In addition to appreciating the beauty, I also use the pieces for serving, as candle holders, and for flower bouquets.

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